Cieszyn Silesia Past and Present – Sustainable Development of the Region

Dates : 7 – 12 June 2015


  1. Sustainable agriculture in mountain regions

    The group is going to deal with the problems agriculture faces in the mountain regions of Cieszyn Silesia. The students will visit the museum in Wisła, where they will be presented with the methods of sheep pasture, and the problems agriculture has struggled with in mountain regions throughout the centuries. They will also participate in a workshop on wool processing.

    Next the students will visit ”Chata na Szańcach” cottage in Koniaków, where they will get aquainted with the ecological methods of processing sheep products.

  2. Sustainable iron mining and iron processing in Cieszyn Silesia.

    The students are going to visit the Steelworks Museum in Ustroń. They will learn how iron used to be mined in Cieszyn Silesia and if nature conservation was taken into consideration in this process in the past.

    The students will also visit the steelworks in Trinec, where they will get aquainted with iron processing today, and also be informed about the means undertaken by the plant to reduce emissions of the toxic fumes. Next they will visit an air quality monitoring station in Cieszyn to find out about the actual influence of the Trinec Steelworks on the air quality in Cieszyn Silesia.

  3. Sustainable exploitation and processing of rock raw materials.

    The students are going to visit a Cieszyn limestone quarry in Leszna Górna. They will be presented with the mining methods used throughout the centuries and the influence of the quarry on the natural environment. Next the will visit the man-made lake Ton in Goleszów. They will learn about the building structure of the place and the structure and properties of the unique Cieszyn oil shale. Later they will the Hall of Memory in Goleszów, where they will learn how the cement works operated during the second world war. While visiting the monumets of architecture in Cieszyn, the students will also learn how the Cieszyn limestone has been used as an artistic medium and as a building material throughout the centuries.

  4. Sustainable exploitation and use of brine.

    The students visit a pump room and a brine swimming pool in a spa in Ustroń. They will learn about the methods of brine exploitation and its recycling to its natural deposits, and have a chance to swim in the swimming pool. They will also visit a graduation tower in Dębowiec. They will learn about the methods of brewing the brine and the health benefits the products provide. In the commune office in Dębowiec they will be informed about the influence of a brine well on the development of the community.

  5. Sustainable coal mining and development of alternative energy sources.

    The group is going to visit the coal mine Guido in Zabrze. They will learn about the methods used in coal mining and the influence of the mine on the natural environment. On the next day the students are going to take part in a workshop on the use of solar energy in the Technical and General Education School Complex in Cieszyn.